Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Wild Wonder

by qms, december 5, 2017


The City Soars
The Furnace Roars
Power Abhors
A Vacuum.

The Mountain Sleeps
The Glacier Weeps
Nature Entreats
A Plenum.


The valley dreams
The tower screams
The gutter breaks
The summit wakes
The sky is swept
The soil is kept
The sun blazes
The moon changes
The road goes on,
So does the song:

Through towers and cities filled with light
Through fields and forests just as bright
In purest black and blinding white
In flowing day and burning night,
The Wild Wonder flares and fights!
Your destiny is in its sights!
It aims for your frights!
            for your delights!
            for your rights!


The world was not always the world we know.
Something people did has made it so, so
Something people do can make it go, so

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