Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Schizophrenic Oracle

Buried in the mental core:
Seeds of something more.
Singing in the mental sky:
Birds asking why.
Swimming in the mental sea:
Something more than you and me.

A schizophrenic oracle
Told me to spread the word:
The anti-money system!
You will be free once you have learned.

To know the truth you can't be whole
You have to crack up to escape your hole;
Stand in the rain 'til you learn it's not blood,
Then learn to swim within the flood.

My will and testament, he speaks:
If I go crazy put me out in the streets
Until I learn how to survive
This is my dream, business secrets for life.
I refuse to be enslaved by medication
I take my pain to the streets in celebration.

Where all your logic fails,
Where all your reason ends,
Waiting off your trails,
Beyond your highway's bend:
A schizophrenic oracle
In a schizophrenic world
Within which all is shattered
Around which all is swirled,
A schizophrenic oracle
Locked up behind the glass
To keep society safe
From walking with bare feet on grass,
To keep the sane secure
From inspiration too pure,
To spare us all the pain
Of getting soaked in the rain,
To save him from himself!
And his subversive notion of wealth,
Whereby you get rich in a matter of days
Simply by giving your money away.
To save ourselves from his prophecy
Of a radical gift economy,
To save ourselves from his freedom
To live outside our kingdom,
We lock him behind the glass
And hope his storm will pass.

He created a system to not be enslaved
But nobody listened, so he ranted and raved,
And we buried once more in our mental core
Seeds of something more.
And we shut out the singing in the mental skies
Of birds asking why.
And we stick to shallows of the mental sea
And shun the depths beyond you and me.

by QMS, summer 2016

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