Friday, June 13, 2014

The Ultimate Weapon

January 2, 2014

The forever
is whenever
you want it,
your cosmic backup
for any contingency.
The inner music,
always and nowhere,
invincible, bullet-proof,
deeper and older
than your petulant passions
which are vulnerable
to manipulation.
The heart of your mind
beats faster, beats stronger
than you know.
What would happen
if you stopped holding yourself
Breathe this music,
recognize its freedom,
feel its living pulse,
hear its truth,
more convincing than all
your tribulation,
bearing proof of
countless generations
that have your back
in the spiral of struggle
between the source
and the horizon.
Beauty has your back
when you sacrifice
and screw up and redeem yourself,
with every moment
of blessed life,
unalienated life,
life that is not
always pointing to death.
The ultimate weapon
is on our side
in the war against
It is ahimsa,
and photosynthesis:
proof of greater
proof of harmony
we are only beginning
to hear, again.
You heard this before,
in the womb you heard
the music of the spheres,
the silence and the crescendo
of the universe preparing
you and your destiny.
Hear it now once more,
the call of the wild imagination.
You have mistaken 
your cosmic anchor
as a toy kite,
if you do not revere
and celebrate the divine
vessel which is your
It is
the truth,
the weapon
that can win
the war
against extinction.
It is the destiny weapon,
green in the mind's
eternal joy spring,
it is the cosmic forever,
whenever you want it,
and whenever you make yourself 
worthy to join
all your relations
in the illustrious lineage
of ancestors, united
across time and melody,
rhythm and space,