Thursday, March 12, 2015

Never Have I Ever

by QMS, January 2014

Have you ever been
At the height of happiness and pride
And realized how useless it all is
If we are among the last generations
Before the extinction?
Have you ever wondered
On your wedding day
How to celebrate love and rejoice
While depleted uranium rains
In the cradle of civilization?
Have you ever asked at a feast
Who cared for the animal,
Who made it meat,
Who owned the seed, the land, the lake,
Who processed, packaged, prepared and purchased
With their soul
The sale of their mother?
Have you ever dared
To ruin the happy moment to ask
Why the world is governed
By the greedy, why the coral reefs
Are dying, why the forest and fertile land
Are disappearing into desert dunes,
Why we haven't yet devoted our lives
To Beauty, and to Truth?

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