Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm Amazed That I Have A Mind

July 2, 2014, Bluestockings, Manhatitlan
(transliterated by QMS)

The region that haunts you --
The subtropical semiperipheral reality
On the fringes of empire.
People talk about critiquing the subject,
Well go for it! Split the subject!
Traumatic writing! Beyond careful argument,
Do it 24 hours a day, not in routine,
Write as an unconditioned subjectivity!

Heraclitus in New Orleans,
Arguing for the significance of the universal particular
A break in the direction of the unconscious...
What it means to be on the periphery --
The same problems as everywhere, but here they are life and death.

Reclus: the first person to tell the earth story:
A great story of domination versus liberation:
"Man is nature becoming conscious of herself."
And the grand narrative is all about the small narratives.

If you only know the universal story, you don't talk to people --
You stand outside meetings and hand out papers...
Why is communism so good in practice, but doesn't work in theory?

Institution, ideology, imaginary, ethos:
Four frames of reference for revolution --
Regeneration, even more than revolution.
How can it be fun and gratifying?
Synthesize the Rainbow Gathering and the IWW --
83 acres on Bayou Laterre.
Charisma is dangerous for individuals;
We need it in the community: Charisma as a gift.

A freedom rant to throw you off -- 
And/or communicate out of context:
(Who am I to know what I think?)
Happiness is freedom-shaped
Don't get mad, get freedom,
Freedom looks good on you,
You've got questions, we've got freedom,
We need a gulag to prove we're still free.

Universal singularity:
The center is everywhere.
Learn from kids: That life is great!
Something is always about to happen.
I'm amazed that I have a mind.

(with thanks to John Clark and Max Cafard

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