Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jaffa Poems

(by Kanya D'Almeida and Quincy Saul)

* * * * *

Chessmen are limited but their choices are infinite
A lifetime in a game
Win or lose.
Existence in a box, movement on a square,
What's there?
In the ranks of the opposing color?
Some other
“Do or die” extremists
In the mists?

People are infinite but their choices are limited
A game for a lifetime
Win or lose.
Existence in a state, movement within borders,
Who gives the orders?
Where fate is decided beyond the horizon
Who dies and who lives
In the mists?

* * * * *

We are reptilian
Slithering forth into life
Calculating, pulsating
Wanting water, needing land
Laying our eggs in the sand
Striking at night, thoughtful and slow
Never letting go
Until our prey is limp
Drained and dead
And our mouths are red.

We are spirits
Shining through into life
Wanting work, needing love
Hoping for help from above
Dreaming at night, thoughtful and slow
Always letting go
Until we become food
For worms and roses
And the eye closes
And the sky opens.

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