Saturday, April 25, 2015

Overture for Evolution

(by Kanya D'Almeida and Quincy Saul, 2014)

If not a cent or coin were to be found
You'd turn your thoughts to seas and skies around:
In birdsong the eternal cosmic yes,
In twilight the horizon's churning crest.

Sands are sifting, times they are a changing:
A glory note upon a saxophone
Calls you to dine, the future's yours for tasting,
Come welcome rhythm's children to their home.

Unhook the noose of envy and desire,
The cold is but an image in the mind.
Watch your troubles burn upon the pyre,
The heat is but a dream light left behind.

What's written in the stars and here foretold:
The world needs men and women bright and bold!
The earth is dead inside and yet it breathes,
As we must flare and fall like autumn leaves.

The vulture's patience and the mayfly's rush
Are syncopated in the moment's touch.
The memory of elephants redeems
The prophecies of crocodile dreams.

Great warriors who run a marathon
To bring us word of battles lost and won;
Scribes to warn of armies fast approaching
Children to resist the ceaseless poaching;

An army of maroons to heal the soil
Stand shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm,
The flames of the past make the present boil
And dispel the bourgeoisie's discreet charm.

The moon is dark and yet it pulls the tides,
As we must work in silence, 'til it's time.
The sun is love and light, and yet it burns
As we must rise, in order to return,

A mountain to fulfill the valley's wish,
A valley to return the mountain's kiss.

The overture of evolution: You!
The orchestra of revolution: Soon!

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