Sunday, January 29, 2012

Live from Durban, South Africa!

Dear readers,

I recently returned from Durban, South Africa, where I was reporting on the most recent United Nations conference on climate change, known as COP17. I was there as a part of a delegation of an organization called Ecosocialist Horizons.

While in Durban, I wrote a series of reports and compiled a multimedia web page of diverse perspectives and coverage, all of which can be found on the Ecosocialist Horizons website. All the reports are compiled on this page.

Since we are now reaching a tipping point for irreversible global climate change, what happened in Durban will be remembered as a pivotal moment for the entire world. While representatives of governments deliberated about how to mitigate global warming without challenging its fundamental causes, grassroots organizers from around the world gathered to determine a shared course of struggle from below. In Durban, the whole world was watching the old order dying and the new world struggling to be born.

If you are looking for a comprehensive account of what happened in Durban, look no further! Spread the word!

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