Saturday, August 23, 2008


the cross our culture is nailed to
the closet we are skeletons inside
the mirror we have glued ourselves to
the refuge we find in meaninglessness

Decadence is
drinking off a hangover
what's left after you finish your candy bar
the prison that holds dignity hostage
the treason against history that the future will not forgive

Decadence is
the sour pride of cynicism
the pathology of laziness
the nostalgia for an illusion
the cruelty of a spoiled child

Decadence is
the shadow of civilization
the funeral song of progress
the exile of resistance
the hell of wisdom

Decadence is
a perversion of both the strong and the weak
a perversion of freedom
the freedom to forget
the delight of cowards and the disgust of the brave

Decadence is
the disintegration of vision
the apocalypse of art
highly contagious

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